Friday, December 30, 2016

RetroKomp/LoadError Party 2017 Announcement !

Ladies and Gentleman!
Sceners and Gamers!

RK/LE Team is pleased to announce that the RetroKomp/LoadError retrocomputing event and demoscene party, will be held in Gdansk, Poland on 20-22.10.2017. The date is subject to confirmation, but should it be changed it will still be around this time of the year.

As in previous years, the party will take place in all familiar Gdanski Archipelag Kultury (GAK) venue with sleeping room, lockers, showers and food available.

The event will consist of the 6th edition of RetroKomp retrocomputing event focused on retro gaming, game competitions, lectures and it's highlight will be the Retro GameDev Compo (for which I'm the organizer). After that, on saturday night the 3rd LoadError demoscene party will start, featuring 8-bit and Amiga demo compos, as well as the usual MSX/GFX categories. The exact listing of compos is still under discussion, and will be announced later.

I'm sure that the party will be massive, and full of quality releases. Be sure to check out prior years prods on Pouet:

RetroKomp/LoadError 2013
RetroKomp/LoadError 2015
RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2016

Also check out Demozoo for GFX/MSX prods:
2013 Demozoo
2015 Demozoo

Compo Videos:

2015 Amiga Demo Compo

2015 8-bit Demo Compo

2015 Gamedev Compo

Be sure to visit our webpage and FB for more updates !:

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