Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hardware news for Amiga 500: Wicher is coming

About a month ago, polish hardware designer Spidi (, known for his Ryś mouse adapters, Sum keyboard adapters, and many other hardware creations, announced a new expansion card for Amiga 500/500+ called Wicher.

Wicher will feature 68000/010 CPU with clock speeds upto 48 MHz, a slot for EDO Simm Ram module (1-8 MB), and an IDE connector. It will be mounted on the expansion port on the side of Amiga.
The hardware is still in development, and Spidi has presented both pictures and videos of Wicher :

As you can see on the picture above, Wicher will feature an expansion port for a real time clock module. It also has some other cool features like on-the-fly CPU speed change. CPU will be socketed, so user will have an option to get 68000/010 PLCC that suits him/her the most, and experiment with overclocking.

Currently Wicher clocked at 48 MHz achieves 4,27 MIPS, and 3,1 MB/s hard disk transfer rate.


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p.s. as with previous Spidi's hardware, Wicher is named after hardware used by polish soldiers in WW II. Sum was an airplane, Ryś was a submarine, and Wicher was the flagship of polish Navy. You can read more about it here:


  1. If I get this for my amiga 1000 will It be useful!
    Using Ide for booting, what happens to needing a kickstart disk!

  2. Well man, to boot from HDD you need at leas Kickstart 2.05