Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wicher for Amiga 500, further updates...

Since my initial post about a new turbo card for Amiga 500 - Wicher by Spidi, a lot has changed. The card is now an internal device, and is called Wicher 500i. Since it is mounted onto the CPU socket it should also be compatible with other Amigas with similar CPU sockets (A1000, A2000, maybe CDTV). The design is ready, and Spidi already has more than 50 people declaring interest on polish amiga forum on .

The latest specs are:

CPU: MC68000/68010
Max 50MHz
IDE, SPI controllers

Benchmarks for 000@50MHz (SysInfo 4.0, AIBB 6.5)
Mips: 4.40
Dhrystones: 4222
transfer IDE: ~3.1MB/s
transfer RAM: ~6.94MB/s

As to availability, the price and distribution is still unknown, but Spidi revealed, that all that should be known in april.

Below is a video with latest version of the device :

UPDATE ! Wicher running Frontier !

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