Saturday, March 25, 2017

New ZX Spectrum demos& Intros released @ Forever 2k17

Last weekend, the 18th edition of Forever 8-bit demoparty in Slovakia took place, and as usual for this party there were some quality ZX Spectrum releases. There were 3 cool demos released in the demo compo (the fourth position in the compo was occupied by an ultimately unfunny 2kb Basic demo focusing on making fun of Atari machines :) ), 2 good 1kb intros, and a wild compo entry. Full party results, as well as some photo galleries from the event are available here : .

For a full set of releases from Forever 2017, including GFX and music, visit DEMOZOO .

#2 in ZX 1kb Compo - Tochi / Busysoft

Tochi is a seriusly cool 1kb intro, including nice AY music, and some smooth and colorful effects. I was surprised by the ammount of content that can be squeezed into 1kb file. The intro is also pretty long and looped, so you can play it a couple of times an it doesn't get boring :)


#1 in ZX 1kb Compo - 2x2 / 3SC

The first place in the 1kb ZX intro compo was taken by an intro called 2x2. It features some pretty complicated physics effects, nicely synchronised with decent music. You gotta watch this!


# 1 in Wild Compo - Bad Apple 2 / Noby & Factor6

Wild Compo's only entry is a ZX Spectrum version of a famous anime-style animation, which features in many scene productions, including versions for Sega Megadrive and Commodore 64. The .tap file with the production is almost 2,5 MB big, the animation is very smooth and impressive, but the highlight of this demo is a great AY tune. Definitely worth a look.


#3 In ZX Demo compo - Compofiller - Invaders Must Die / noby & factor6

The authors themselves called this demo a Compofiller, but in fact this is a pretty good (and long) production, giving tribute to rave and techno bands trom the 1990's. What makes this production interesting is great music and synchronisation. Visuals are not the strongest part of this demo as they mostly consist of some basic monochrome drawings, nevertheless there are some cool fonts there, and a nice picture of a dog (?) riding a motorcycle.


#2 In ZX Demo compo - Bigh Things / is a polish ZX demogroup lead by coder Tygrys, who cooperates with some well known polish demosceners like Slayer, Darklight, at0m, V0yager and CatMan. Big Things is a demo aimed for ZX48k with AY sound interface, and it's quiet a trip with many interesting effects, great music and graphics. My personal highlights from this demo are: great skulls picture by Darklight, effect with balls and electric currents jumping between them, and the chessboard in the beginning. Overall did a great job, and their demo is my favorite prod from the party.


#1 In ZX Demo compo - Ultraviolet / HOOY-PROGRAM

The democompo's winner was Gasman with his ZX 128k demo Ultraviolet. Gasman not only coded the demo, but also did MSX and GFX, which is quite an achievment. Ultraviolet features great effects , synchronised with equally good soundtrack, and presentation of a new 176x192 interlaced graphics mode in the endpart. Great stuff to see & here in this one !