Sunday, April 9, 2017

KEBAB - polish Amiga & C64 magazine 1992-1993, covers gallery

Kebab was a polish Commodore64 & Amiga magazine, originating from an Amiga diskmag (also named Kebab), issued by the first ever polish scene group - Quartet. Creators of the magazine aimed at promoting "serious" use of C= computers, so the magazine consisted mainly of programming courses, and hardware modifications rather than game reviews. It also had a lot of demoscene reports.

Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy most of Kebab's issues in mint condition, from the old, leftover stock. Below you'll find scans of the magazine's covers, which in my opinion are quite spectacular.


  1. Ciekawostka: Dziecko na okładce nru 1/93 trzyma do góry nogami Kebaba o numerze 7/93. Jak się potem okazało, numer ten nigdy się nie ukazał, choć początkowo były prowadzone nad nim prace. Taki ciekawy zbieg okoliczności. :)

  2. Mam pare sztuk jeszcze ... 10/92, 6/93, 2/93 ... swietna sprawa zaluje ze nie mam calej kolekcji :D