Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Hardware #1 - Amiga 1000

I've decided, that this blog might be a good place to catalogue and display my hardware collection. I presume, that it will take me some time to get it done, so it's only a start :)

I got my Amiga 1000 set from an internet auction in 2013. Guy from my city sold it to me for 500 PLN, which is around 112 Euro by todays rate. Basically the guy didn't know what he was selling, he couldn't even turn it on, so he wrote that the hardware is defective in ayction decription. The whole A1000 lot belonged to his father in law, who wanted to just throw it away, and the guy thought that he would try selling it through an auction. He started with 100 PLN with pickup only option, and no one was bidding, so I called him, offered him 500 PLN, and he agreed. When I came to collect the hardware it came out that everything is working fine. Well it was a bargain :)

The Amiga comes with:
C=1081 Amiga branded monitor
Amiga 1010 external fdd
5,25" external FDD
Amiga 1000 type mouse (coffin shaped with angled connector)
256k RAM expansion
A LOT of software and books (for ex Amiga Hardware Reference Manual), including system disks (OS1.1 and 1.2), software bundled with A1000, Defender of The Crown in mint condition

Besides being dirty, the Amiga is in great condition, it even has warranty stickers intact! It's one of the machines that I use often to play around. It is in near mint condition, it was brought to Poland from The Netherlands somwhere around 1986, and spent probably 20 years in an attic.

This is how it looked when I got home.


  1. Wow, great setup! This is a true GEM!

  2. This model is the first one I have touched years ago! First gamę with mouse: Marble madness. I am jealously...