Monday, December 12, 2016

Amiga AGA/ECS TOP prods pack, based on

Below is a link to an archive of demoscene prods, that I've assembled for polish Amigazyn#7 paper magazine cover DVD (you can order @

The archive contains Amiga prods, divided by category (AGA/OCS and then demo/intro etc...), with productions having largest numbers of thumbs at

Top 100 AGA Demo
Top 100 ECS Demo
Top 25 AGA Cracktro/Dentro/Invitro
Top 50 AGA Intro
Top 50 ECS Intro/Dentro/Invitro

Please don't ask me how I came up with the categories. I just did. You can either download or not :)
Tfardy file is ~672MB

Alternative link if you have problems with Dropbox

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